Bathroom Cleaning Camden Town

Bathroom Cleaning Before and AfterBathrooms get filled with germs very often and require professional cleaning. You can use our services to maintain the bathroom and water closet in your home, property for rent, hotel and other kind of estate hygienic and impeccable.

We offer extensive and thorough cleaning of tiles, sinks, toilet bowls, showers and cabinets. Our cleaners will wash and disinfect all areas to make your bathroom sparkle and shine.

We work seven days in the week and offer excellent bathroom cleaning services in Camden Town NW1 to property owners, tenants and holders of hotels.


Domestic Cleaning Services
Regular Cleaning £12/h £11/h
One off Cleaning £13/h £12/h
Deep Cleaning £16/h £14/h
Bathroom Cleaning £16/h £14/h

Effective Bathroom Cleaning Camden Town

Our cleaners can make your bathroom and water closet washed, disinfected and impeccable. We carry out:

  • Washing and removing of mould and dirt from tiles and grout
  • Scrubbing and sanitising showers, tubs, sinks and worktops
  • Cleaning inside and out cabinets and bathroom furniture
  • Removing of soap scum and washing products residue
  • Comprehensive sanitising, washing and cleansing of bathrooms

If you need professional sanitising of the bathroom and toilet in your rented flat, house or the rooms of your hotel get in touch with us. Our cleaners will conduct effective removing of the mould, lime-scale, reside from washing products and dirt from all bathroom areas.

They have the proper skills to choose the most suitable detergents and preparations to sanitise bathtubs, showers, dirty sinks, remove marks and smears from internal windows and mirrors.

“Thank you so much for taking care of my bathroom. I haven’t been able to give it a clean recently and as a result it was difficult to loosen the grime. I’m glad that your company is constantly at my disposal. It’s great that I can lean on you.” – Elizabeth

Bathroom Cleaners NW1

Cleaning the BathroomBy hiring the cleaning staff in our company to disinfect and wash your bathroom and water closet you will receive the best possible results at a reasonable price. We offer effective bathroom cleaning within Camden Town every day in the week.

You can use our services whenever you need deep and fast sanitising of all fixtures, fittings, tiles, chrome, glass and mirror surfaces. We will save you time and efforts making sure your bathroom is and stays germ-free, impeccable and pleasant for a long time.

Besides weekly cleaning, this rooms needs deeper sanitising every now and then to be protected from accumulation of mould, limescale, hard stains and bacteria. Use our bathroom cleaning services available in Camden Town to proprietors and renters.